The "No Surprises" Campaign - The most revolutionary endangered species campaign since the ESA was enacted in 1973! This site includes text from litigation, scientific papers, reports to congress, species affected, HCP list, news releases, and how you can add your support.
Defending Threatened and Endangered Species - Sage Council's database and list of commentary chronologically on Incidental Take Permits & Habitat Conservation Plans since 1994. Includes comments on FWS listing proposals and draft recovery plans.
The "Safe Harbor" Campaign - "Don’t put all the eggs in one basket! …or STOP the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and timber logging companies from translocation and consolidation of endangered species in order to destroy habitats and landscape linkages. Find out more about this cutting-edge and controversial endangered species issue. Is it possible to recover endangered species while giving assurances to timber companies and developers that the habitat can be destroyed? Includes an activist’s guide by the National Endangered Species Network.
U.S. House of Representatives "Task Force" Hearing on the ESA - Testimony made by Leeona Klippstein, Spirit of the Sage Council and National Endangered Species Network, Riverside, California.
Natural Communities Conservation Planning Program (NCCP) - Review the Sage Council’s Coastal California Gnatcatcher and Coastal Sage Scrub Data Base - A catalog of interim and incidental take permits issued (absent recovery) in association with the State of California "Natural Communities Conservation Planning" Program ("NCCP") and Secretary Babbitt's section 4(d) special rule.
News Updates - Latest news articles and features on endangered species that the Sage Council is actively defending.
Endangered Species Act of 1973 - As amended through the 100th Congress. Complete text
ESA Amendments of 1982 - U.S. House of Representatives "Conference Report" to accompany H.R. 6133. Explains congressional intent regarding changes to the ESA. Complete text.